Crowdestor is one of the platforms where I didn’t move any of my investments during the COVID-19 crisis. I even invested a little bit more, since many high yielding projects appeared during that time.

I love the fact that Crowdestor’s CEO Janis Timma and his team were actively participating in discussions on Facebook and Telegram.

So far, none of their projects has defaulted. They are trying to bring more transparency to their projects and operations. Not everything has been perfect, but I highly appreciate their efforts to connect with their investors. They have launched three crowdfunding campaigns for their platform during the crisis, and all three rounds were funded within hours of time.

When it comes to returns, Crowdestors is my top-earning platform. You can expect an ROI of 16%-30%. Of course, have in mind that the higher the reward, the greater the risk. I also like the fact that there are many short-term business loans listed on the platform, ranging between 5 and 12 months. I’ve also had successfully finished projects.

At this very moment, I like the platform and what the management is doing. I reinvest all of my returns. As always, I am still watching the peer-to-peer market in relation to the current COVID-19 situation.



  • The platform with the highest ROI;
  • Management and CEO communicate with investors;
  • Introducing more transparency in their operations;
  • Releasing more information about their projects;
  • Stable (in my opinion) during the COVID-19 crisis.


  • High ROI = High risk.

Crowdestor is a P2P lending platform specializing in businesses and real estate development projects. Having their first project launched in 2018, Crowdestor is still quite a new crowdfunding platform. However, since its first project, the platform has funded a myriad of other projects.

Crowdestor headquarters are situated in Riga, the capital city of Latvia. On the platform, you will find experienced professionals who have years of skill in raising capital. 

On the platform, investors can invest in high yielding startup projects, real estate, transport, and business. If you are interested, read my full Crowdestor review.

October Crowdfunding Platform

Use code: mchervenkova


The overall interface of October is very simple and easy. It is one of the best-designed money lending platforms. You can make an investment with just 20 euros as a start.

It is worth and valuable SME crowdfunding platform. I feel like I can trust them as October doesn’t seem to be misleading at all. Lots of information is there to guide you throughout the process of investments or funding.

In my opinion, October deserves its place among all crowdfunding platforms. October’s management team looks very strong in terms of knowledge and experience. I believe that you can keep your money relatively safe and secure in October, while earning up to 9% interest rate. October does not charge any extra fees for lenders when investing.


  • Easy to navigate websites with beutiful design and reporting;
  • Stable during the COVID-19 period;
  • Very knowledgable support;
  • #1 European SME lending marketplace;
  • Monthly repayments.


  • Lower ROI (but lower risk:);
  • No auto-invest;
  • No secondary market.

October is B2C lending platform, founded in 2014. The platform mainly operates in France, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands. This lending platform is also registered with the French market authority.

From its beginning, it has loaned over $264 million and paid out over $15 million in interest payments to the investors. The investors are enjoying up to a 9.9% return rate. If you are interested in more details, read my full October review.


Above all, Flender is one of the best lending platforms in the crowdfunding industry. The platform offers up to 10% return on investment to the investors. Also, during the COVID-19 crisis, Flender performed very well, stable, with good communication from their CEO to its investors.

Flender is an ideal platform in order to invest in smaller businesses and help create new jobs. Flender is now growing very fast. In the year 2019, it has already invested $7.49 million in Irish Businesses. 

Flender’s management team is looking very strong, experienced, and well-equipped in finance. 

It took less than 5 minutes to do the registration and go through the identity verification process. I love simple and straightforward platforms, which don’t waste my time.


  • Average returns of 10% in a relatively low-risk investment;
  • The overall interface of this platform is very simple and user-friendly as well;
  • Flender is an FCA regulated company in the UK;
  • Auto-invest option, and it is very easy to set up;
  • Have a strong executive team.


  • There is no buyback guarantee;
  • Few and limited investment opportunities (but with higher quality);
  • There is no secondary market.

Flender is a B2C crowdfunding company operating in Ireland. Flender offers investment opportunities in Irish business loans. The platform gives investors a great opportunity to invest in various small to medium-sized businesses.

The good news is that you can start with a little amount of $50. The loans that you can find on Flender may vary widely by the industry.

So, you can diversify your investments in different sectors. The company was established in the year 2015. The goal of Flender is to support the Irish businesses and investors, ensuring the interest of both. If interested, read my full Flender review.


Seedrs is one of my favorite platforms to invest in early stage start-ups. Why I Invest with Seedrs:

1) Larger potential: early commercial investments lead to a larger fixed price investment. The downside is limited to the money you have invested.

2) Tax advantages: companies eligible for SEIS provide tax advantages. They allow a tax deduction if the investment is in a hold for a specified period, which reduces the disadvantages. Ask for more advice if this is important.

3) Assistance to new companies: direct assistance to startups can be an added advantage for some, and they often offer more advantages and discounts if your investment is greater than a certain size.

4) Fees charged only on profits: there are no fees to maintain your account, as investors get fines only if they sell the investment.

6) Good connections: investors stay informed by frequent updates.


  • Access to fast growing start-ups, where you can buy shares from the company at discount.
  • Tax release benefits for UK citizens.
  • Owning shares from companies you actually love or use their products daily.
  • Receiving many perks from the companies you invest in, available only to early stage investors.


  • Higher-risk on your investments. Investing in early-stage start-ups carries a great risk in losing your capital. However, the return on investment in early stage start-ups is usually the most rewarding.

Seedrs is a well-established crowdfunding platform launched in 2012. The platform allows new businesses to raise capital by promoting their business to the crowd who can buy the company’s shares. This business model is different from the other platforms that engage in lending money to new companies. If interested, read my full Seedrs review.


EvoEstate has proven itself to be one of the most trustworthy real estate crowdfunding aggregators in the European markets. The company is dedicated to bringing out more features that will help the investors rake in more profits.

The Skin in the Game feature is one of a kind where the top bosses are taking ownership of the projects they float. All in all, EvoEstate is a profitable platform, and you will not regret being a part of it.

Moreover, during the COVID-19 crisis the platform was very sound and transparent with its projects. EvoEstate shows very stable position on the crowdfunding real-estate market and my investment portfolio on their platform is one of the biggest in relation to my total investments.


  • Minimum investment €50;
  • Auto-invest available;
  • Seconary market available;
  • Skin in the game projects;
  • You can invest in 18 differnt platforms from EvoEstate;
  • Diversification spread between many platforms, countries, and type of investments in real estate.
  • The management handled very well platform’s new and existing projects during the COVID-19 crisis.


  • Young platform, founded in 2019.

EvoEstate was founded in the year 2019, and it has created a storm in the real estate crowdfunding segment. The primary source of income for this platform is the commission fee it receives from its partners.

This platform does not charge a single penny from its investors. This means that you can get the best deals without spending anything extra.

  • EvoEstate has robust and ongoing property investments across ten countries;
  • EvoEstate has a profitable partnership with over 18 platforms;
  • This real estate crowdfunding avenue provides lucrative investments worth over 12 million Euros.
Read my full EvoEstate review.

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