EvoEstate Review: My Favorite Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform

EvoEstate Review: My Favorite Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform
My Review on EvoEstate Real Estate Platform
  • Invested in EvoEstate - €1750
  • Self-reported returns - 11.28%
  • Passive earnings per month - paid at the end of the loan-term
  • Investing time on EvoEstate - 7 months

My EvoEstate Overview:

EvoEstate has proven itself to be one of the most trustworthy real estate crowdfunding aggregators in the European markets. The company is dedicated to bringing out more features that will help the investors rake in more profits.

The Skin in the Game feature is one of a kind where the top bosses are taking ownership of the projects they float. All in all, EvoEstate is a profitable platform, and you will not regret being a part of it.

You are interested in trying your hand in real estate crowdfunding platforms and want to connect with potential property investors. Real estate crowdfunding has had a revamp since digitization took place.

The investors can seamlessly check out profitable properties through various applications and social media platforms.

You are on a lookout for one such real estate crowdfunding platform, which will give you access to lucrative property deals. You need not look further than EvoEstate, which sources and accumulates attractive property deals from reputed European, real estate platforms.

EvoEstate can serve you with the best and the most profitable real estate investments, which are aggregated from 18 different platforms. Take a look at all cashback offers available for new investors, including a 0.5 cashback bonus for EvoEstate.


Some Statistics for EvoEstate

This segment will give you a glimpse of the impressive numbers that can be boasted by EvoEstate about its investments:

  • This platform has robust and ongoing property investments across ten countries;
  • EvoEstate has a profitable partnership with over 18 platforms;
  • This real estate crowdfunding avenue provides lucrative investments worth over 12 million Euros.

Some Statistics for EvoEstate

EvoEstate was founded in the year 2019, and it has created a storm in the real estate crowdfunding segment. The primary source of income for this platform is the commission fee it receives from its partners.

This platform does not charge a single penny from its investors. This means that you can get the best deals without spending anything extra.

One of the key highlights of EvoEstate is the types of beneficial deals it offers. The next segment will have a detailed outlook about the three varieties of the deals provided by this real estate aggregator.

What are the Deals Offered by EvoEstate

EvoEstate offers three variations of lucrative deals, which will always keep the investors in a win-win situation.

Business Loans and Fixed-Interest Developments

If you have a good knowledge of real estate and have sufficient capital to invest, then fixed-interest development might be rewarding for you. In this type of investment, you will get an opportunity to provide capital for property development.

Your principal amount will remain unharmed in case of default, and you will get to accrue assets in terms of collaterals in real estate.

This is a risky venture because a lot of external factors come into play while developing properties. Factors like political changes or recession can hamper the growth of the project, which can impact your investment. The expected rate of return lies between 8% and 18%.

Real Estate Investment on Equity Projects

This deal can get you fantastic returns, but the investment lies a bit on the riskier side. After all, this is the golden rule of investments. The higher the risk, the greater is the rate of return.

In this type of arrangement, you will get an opportunity to become partners in the property development business. Your role will be that of an owner of the business, together with other major stakeholders.

Here you will stand to get superb returns ranging from 8% to 18% on an annual basis. You might be wondering, where is the risk? Well, if you are a partner or an owner in this business, then you will be liable for both profit and loss.

Whatever loss the project incurs, if any, you will have to bear them as well. To bring more clarity on equity projects, let’s discuss its subcategories.

Monthly ROI nad Investments EvoEstate


Equity real estate businesses can be segregated into three broad segments:

  • New Developments in the Business

Here the returns are more stable and higher than the rest of the categories. You still have to bear equal responsibility for both the profit and loss incurred in the projects.

  • Deals on Private Investment Funds

You can directly invest in private enterprises by having the necessary capital funds. You can also buy certain private companies from private investment funds.

  • Auction Products

In this segment, you will get an opportunity to bid or auction for projects that are pegged below market rates. This can prove to be a lucrative and profitable start in property development projects.

The bottom-line of equity projects is you will be responsible for both the profits and losses of the business you associate yourself with.

The downside is you will not be a part of the decision-making process. Any decision regarding the progress of the project will be taken by the management of the property business.

You might feel a bit insecure about investing in projects where you will have no say. EvoEstate has taken care of this angle. This real estate crowdfunding aggregator allows the best and the most trustworthy projects to be featured in its platform.

This way, you can take your pick among the most reputed ones and breathe easy that you are in the right project lead by the right management.


This deal does not flaunt of having the best rate of return, but it will guarantee the stability of your investment. In this scheme, you get to earn your returns by renting out the property in which you have invested.

It is like you have ownership of a specific part of the property from which you are earning your rental income. Hence, the risk is low, but the percentage of return is guaranteed.

The expected rate of return from this deal lies between 3% and 6% on a yearly basis. The property will also be subjected to market or capital appreciation. If your concerned property is in a prime location, you might see healthy capital appreciation ranging from 2% to 4% yearly.

If you want to cash in on the capital appreciation of your property, you need to nurture the investment for a sufficient period. Good returns on projects based on property appreciation tend to take some time. So you can expect good returns after a period of 5 to 7 years.

In such a scenario, EvoEstate has come up with a profitable proposition. It allows you to invest in several properties in Europe instead of restricting you to one. You just need to invest in a string of properties without taking the headache of their maintenance on your shoulders.

Benefits of EvoEstate

The Skin in the Game Feature

EvoEstate means it when it says that this crowdfunding platform will get you good profits and help you in alleviating your risks. You can go ahead and invest in myriad projects offered by EvoEstate.

However, the projects mentioned under the Skin in the Game section sees investment worth around €1000 right from the personal wallet of the CEO and CIO themselves.

The Skin in the Game Feature in EvoEstate Review

EvoEstate Auto Invest

This real estate platform offers you multiple choices and filters in terms of investments. You can select the type, portfolio size, duration, principal amount, and mortgage rank of the project based on your convenience. EvoEstate helps in crafting profitable investment strategies for its members.

This platform comes with an auto-invest cancellation feature, which is non-chargeable. You can cancel the automatic investment within 24 hours of its creation without shelling out a single penny as cancellation charges.

EvoEstate Liquidity Aspect

Did you know that you can sell your investments in a secondary market in EvoEstate? Many platforms do not have any provision for a secondary market for trading investments.

EvoEstate is a game-changer here. In this real estate crowdfunding platform, you have the option to invest as well as sell your share when you face any sort of cash crunch.

Some more insights on the secondary market feature of this platform:

  • EvoEstate has a robust provision of secondary market

Even if the originators or project partners do not have any provision for the secondary market, you need not sweat. EvoEstate has a secondary market feature that will take care of your liquidity health.

  • The secondary market feature is free of cost

This platform does not charge anything from the investors for utilizing the services of the secondary market. More than half of the secondary market transactions that are without premiums are completed within a single day.

  • Investors have the option to choose between premiums and discounts

The investors of EvoEstate can decide the mode in which they want to trade their share of investments. You can profitably sell your investment either through premiums or discounts.

  • The margin trading feature

EvoEstate is working on a new aspect called margin trading. It will be up and running in the near future.

How Is EvoEstate Different from the Rest of the Platforms

  • Skin in the game feature

Where else will you find a provision where the heads of the company personally invest in the property projects they float?

The CEO and CIO put in a minimum of €1000 for the projects categorized under the Skin in the Game segment. This is what makes the company more reputable and trustworthy.

  • A game-changer in the European markets

EvoEstate is one of a kind property projects aggregator, which also happens to be the first real estate crowdfunding platform in Europe.

  • Provides a broad reach and global market access

EvoEstate allows non-European residents to invest in its property offerings as it has a vast network across the globe and has legal compliance in place. This aggregator enables its members to start their investment with as low as 50 Euros.

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Does Evoestate Withhold any Taxes

No, EvoEstate or its partners do not hold back or conceal any taxes. The only partner in this exception is Housers.

The tax report is shared with the utmost clarity with the investors, and they stand to gain from net returns.

The Road Ahead for EvoEstate

The CEO of EvoEstate, Gustas Germanavicius, has maintained that the company would remain investor-centric so that the investors can gain maximum profits. The company is working towards remedying its problem concerning its deal-flow.

EvoEstate has no dearth of projects and capital. But when the projects and investments are less, the problems arise with the deal-flow. The company is working towards collaborating with more partners to maintain a good stream of property projects.

The CEO has also expressed interest in expanding EvoEstate’s business to the American and Gulf shores. The company also wants to spread its wings in the Asian continent.

Final Verdict on EvoEstate

EvoEstate has proven itself to be one of the most trustworthy real estate crowdfunding aggregators in the European markets. The company is dedicated to bringing out more features that will help the investors rake in more profits.

The Skin in the Game feature is one of a kind where the top bosses are taking ownership of the projects they float. All in all, EvoEstate is a profitable platform, and you will not regret being a part of it.


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