Klearlending Review: My P2P Investing Returns with Peer-to-Peer Lending Klear

Klear Review: My P2P Investing Returns with Peer-to-Peer Lending Klearlending
My Review on Klearlending P2P Platform
  • Invested in Klearlending - €2 000
  • Self-reported returns - 7.7%
  • Passive earnings per month - €22
  • Investing time on Klear - 26 months


Diversification is crucial when we want to achieve relatively high-passive income and, at the same time minimizing our exposure to risk. Klearlending is a great platform, where you can achieve a low-risk 7.7% ROI each year.

On many occasions, I have spoken with their support staff, and they are friendly and each time very helpful. Klearlending is the first platform I put my money in, and they have never disappointed me for the last two years.

So yes, go ahead and open your investment account with Klearlending.

Introduction to P2P Lending Platform Klearlending

Before proceeding with my Klearlending review, let’s explain to the beginners what Peer-to-Peer lending is. Also, check out our p2p cashback offers available for new investors.

What is Peer-to-Peer Investing?

Peer-to-peer lending, for short P2P lending, is a type of loan service, where a P2P business lends money to companies and individuals online and matches lenders with borrowers. The P2P services are often offered online as it is cheaper than the traditional financial institutions.

The result is that lenders earn higher returns compared to deposits and savings accounts, provided by banks. And at the same time, borrowers can borrow money at lower interest rates. 

Thanks to the development of the FinTech industry in the last 10 years, we are now able to earn interest rates on our cash higher than even. And we don’t even have to go to the local office to do so.

For the past 24 months, I have been actively investing in 18 platforms for P2P and Crowdlending platforms, and in this article, I will make a review on one of the most famous European Peer-to-Peer lending platform – Klearlending. If you haven’t read my previous review on Iuvo Group lending platform, go check it out.

Let’s do this FIRE-starters!

Who is Klearlending?

Klearlending is a peer-to-peer marketplace for money lending, founded in Bulgaria. It mainly focuses on consumer loans. It was the first peer-to-peer money lending platform in Bulgaria, established in 2015.

The platform aims to bring together people who are looking to borrow some money and potential investors looking to lend it to them at an interest rate that is higher than those that banks offer.

It is relatively small as a platform compared to its peers. Nonetheless, it has a strong financial sector experience and can handle the ways of the market effortlessly.

Most of the people comprising its team have worked in executive positions, leading in the activities relating to consumer credit in Europe, as well as in Bulgaria. Klearlending has proven itself to borrowers as a secure investment platform.

It has funded more than €1 million worth in loans since September of 2016, and not one has gone wrong (or defaulted).

Pros and Cons of Klearlending Peer-to-Peer Platform:


  • It is an international platform that consists of a strong underwriting team;
  • No deal has gone wrong to date;
  • Lets you manage loans on an advanced dashboard;
  • The Bulgarian National Bank regulates this platform;
  • The process of opening an account and its verification is fast;
  • This platform doesn’t make over-the-top claims or post fake statistics. The ROI they project is actually quite humble, keeping in mind that the A-rated loans pay 6%, and the ones that are D-rated pay 13%. They assume a certain percentage of defective loans within this range, so you will see it affect your returns one year after the original investment;
  • Klear is an excellent website, according to many of its users. It is probably the best peer-to-peer site in Europe. It offers smooth reporting along with a user-friendly interface. You don’t have to scratch your head, worrying about how your portfolio is doing or how much money you made;
  • The screening done on loans is efficient. The delays on loans don’t exceed 30 days. They are paid after that short time period. There are a few defaulted loans in the secondary market, but they constitute a very small part of the whole market. Klear screens the borrowers’ profiles very efficiently, which decreases the risk for investors too;
  • Unlike most European platforms that need 10 investments, Klear needs just 1 minimum investment. It makes bigger diversification super easy;
  • Klear provides a great number of investments to choose from every day. It might be less in number than bigger platforms but are enough to keep you hooked.


  • Klear offers a lower ROI of about 5-7%, compared to some other companies like Mintos, Viainvest, etc. which assure 10-15% return every year;
  • Klear does not offer any buyback guarantee. Thus, it increases the risks of investment. You need to make careful and well-thought choices;
  • You can only invest in BGN (Bulgarian Levs), so if you’re an international investor, there are chances you will develop a currency risk.

How to Use Manual and Auto Invest on Klear’s Platform

Manual Investments

To invest manually, once logged in, click on the Primary Market tab. A list with available loans will load. Also, there is a pretty good filter to select which loans you would like to invest in. Personally, I invest in each type – A, B, C, and D.

Klearlending Primary market manual investing


Auto Invest Function

Klear’s platform has an Anto Invest function which I highly recommend you to use it. This will save you lots of time and auto-invest guarantees that your available money will always be invested. You don’t want your money sitting in your account, not invested.

Klearlending Primary market auto investing

My Overall Experience with Klearlending and ROI:

Klearlending offers predicted annual rates of interest of about 4-8% to investors. It’s kind of a disadvantage when we try to compare it with platforms from the Baltic region. But a major pro is that not even a single loan has defaulted out of €1 million, since September of 2016! This proves the merit of the underwriting team.

Klear connects with the Credit Bureau that is handled by the Bulgarian National Bank online and calculates the applicant’s scoring model. It thereby checks their ID’s validity and gets previous records from the available police database.

They also have insight on the applicant’s labor type and salary, and also the employer, through the database of National Social Security Institute.

The dashboard of Klearlending is easily manageable and quite user-friendly. This makes the process of investment pretty fast.

The recent feature they launched was an auto investing tool that enables the user to reinvest their available funds quickly and allows them to achieve diversification and good returns.

My Internal ROI with Klearlending

I have invested with Klearlending for the past 2 years. My ROI is 7.7%, just as stated on their platform. I am absolutely happy with the return so far. Here is a screenshot from my portfolio.

Klearlending Portfolio Overview and ROI

The Risk-to-Reward Ratio of Loans on Klear

This platform serves only verified (or Prime) borrowers. They offer an average rate of interest of 7.5%, which is lower than most banks. This ensures proper selection. They display yearly losses of 2% and an expected total return of 5.5%, on average.

Risk Assessment Reliability

Klearlending is a very reliable platform. Here’s why:

Their model for credit scoring is based on their strong experience in the financial market. They use socio-demographic information and the person’s credit history. This score determines the applicant’s segment on a scale of A to D and also their interest rate.

They do not just depend on the Bulgarian National Bank for databases. They also consult external ones such as the National Health Insurance to check to salary and the entire history of employment of the person. The validity of ID and is checked in databases recorded by the police department.

The Currency of Peer-to-Peer Loan Denomination

Loans are paid out in BGN, or Bulgarian Levs. They haven’t changed their exchange rate since the year 2001 (which is 1.95583 BGN for €1 ). This assures that there can be little to no risk in exchange for currency when you are investing in Klearlending.

The Highest Demanded Loans by Investors and the Demand-Supply Ratio

Demands from investors spread out evenly through segments of risk and projects. Investors usually demand short durations more.

Guarantees on Loans

Loans are not backed up by any guarantee. Klear only targets Prime borrowers so it does not make any sense asking for collateral of this segment, as it will result in cancellation of the selection.

The Typical Profile of Borrower for Each Risk Category

The best type of segments are A and B, consisting of 80% of the portfolio, which comprises borrowers who went to a university, are employed with a stable job, verified income that is above average rates, and clean credit history.

The other two segments are C and D that comprise borrowers with lesser stability and a credit history not completely clean. But these shortcomings should not be recent. They do not accept applicants who are over-indebted, are or have been involved a delay in the past 2 years.

Alternative Platform for P2P Investments

Klearlending is one of my favorite platforms to invest my money on. The platform has been showing stable returns ever since I’ve invested in 2018. In my opinion, the best alternatives to Klearlending are Bondora, Mintos, Peerberry, Swaper, Dofinance, Debitum.

Final Thoughts

Diversification is crucial when we want to achieve relatively high-passive income and, at the same time minimizing our exposure to risk. Klearlending is a great platform, where you can achieve a low-risk 7.7% ROI each year.

On many occasions, I have spoken with their support staff, and they are friendly and each time very helpful. Klearlending is the first platform I put my money in, and they have never disappointed me for the last two years.

So yes, go ahead and open your investment account with Klearlending.


*7.7% self-reported ROI.

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